Quiet is sitting, looking at others, eyes do not move, but there is always a palpitation in the bottom of my heart, it is about all his memories, memories will be happiness. For a long time, it's like a book, and it's serious. It has never been doubted. In this regard, it's a kind of long sleep. It's a kind of heart long sleep on the other side. Do you believe it? I don't believe it. No matter what kind of work I have, I can't rewrite the original thing. Just like the voice of my heart tells you that the days have to go on, or it will be very light. After a long time, I will walk very slowly! Even if you can make a fool of yourself, when you are sober, everything is so clear, you can have a kind of firm belief, always in one direction, always have a kind of, I have such a serious person, have such a serious to say and listen to the wind, a touch of fingers, the flower will land. Then will this kind of work become the desire of others. Can focus on one and happy, but also a favor! Unfortunately, this kind of favor is very expensive. I always think that leaf is a book, and its work is simple, real and color. Often sad for others, does it mean that he likes to pay! I think so! Because today is not a special day, so there is no need to sacrifice. It is also a good day, festival. And I, I think I'll leave something for my twenties! That fearless, that love is very tired, that paper boy, that vain generation of youth, son of Wenxiu, I think I am too sad, all want to destroy myself with words. I thought I was so crazy that I wanted to use art to make myself pay attention to my strokes. I think I'm too confident, so I want to ask myself back with all I have. It's true that all the rest of the memorial ceremonies are related to the flowers, ink infecting my little world. My heart has been peeped. Anyway, when I want others to peep at me, I may be very happy! No matter how gorgeous, or how vain your youth seems to you, you have opened your heart like a camel. Even for a beautiful, or an exam, there are two more words in your favor. You can easily think about them, and you will find that those pictures will meet you at some time in the future, and you will dream of the girl you used to like, no matter what No matter how crazy and lost you were at that time, no need to close your eyes, you will also count everything clearly in the dense and light evening. My friend said:“ Sometimes, what you don't pick is just a flower in spring, and the whole spring still belongs to you. It's a fairy tale to meet the right person at the right time. It's called youth to meet the right person at the wrong time. "